This is a new logo design for Wacom, a company that specializes in graphics tablets and related products. Wacom makes products that help artists create, but also products used in other industries. Their tablets allow for a blank slate that anyone can use to make amazing, colorful creations, or simply to sign invoices and documents. The idea of the blank slate is what I wanted to reinforce in my design.
The stationary mockup (second in this gallery) pulls colors from the current Wacom logo, which looks like an exploding asterisk. In this rebranding exercise, I designed a much simpler logo with just one color. The rounded corners in my logo design echo the style of Wacom's tablet design, and the "A" in Wacom is meant to represent a pen, since Wacom also produces high-quality styluses to pair with their tablets.
I inserted the logo into several different mockups to show how it would look in various contexts, such as printed on a T-shirt or on the company website. I also made a mock advertisement to see how the new logo design would look when applied to a large-format print ad. This ad was made in Adobe Photoshop using royalty-free photos of textures courtesy of  Death to the Stock Photo (DTTSP).
This was a project for a class in logo design, and it was made using Adobe Illustrator for the logo, and Adobe Photoshop for the print ad and mockups.
Finalized logo (black on white, and reversed-out)specializes in graphics tablets and related products.
Mockup of a stationery set with the new logo design

Mockup of the Wacom website with the new logo design

Mockup of a print ad with the new logo design
Mockup of the print ad in a public wall space
Mockup of a T-shirt printed with the new logo design
Some different variations I explored before finalizing the logo design
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